Thursday, July 12, 2007


Is the new avant garde going, well, passé? That's what the New York Observer is reporting -and proves a prediction I thought was going to happen for some time now. It looks like some of the hottest and richest couples of today are leaving their Hollywood-Hiltonesque lifestyles and trading it in for quiet perambulator strolling in the park:

[Eminent New Victorian couples can be found all over New York these days, puttering about their brownstones (original detail carefully restored), or pushing babies with names like Beatrice, Charlotte, Theodore and Henry in gigantic prams to the local playground. Some of them are famous.]

Is this a lasting trend or the newest fad?

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Hi Jeff,
I enjoy your blog and hope that it has a long and fruitful life! Do you work in the NYC office of Fairfax and Sammons? I have only been there once, and can't remember everyone that I met.
I worked for F&S last summer as an intern in Palm Beach. I really like the firm and the people in it!

Anyways, in response to your question: I hope that it is a lasting trend, but the hottest and richest people are often unpredictable.